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Waste & Recycling

A majority of municipalities in Montgomery County either utilize a single private trash/recycling company for the provision of residential trash/recycling collection or rely upon an open market model where each household is responsible for contracting with a private trash/recycling hauler. Some communities still provide municipal trash/recycling collection for residential properties within their jurisdictions, with some collaborating to capitalize upon greater economies of scale for contract negotiation with third party recycling processors and/or to promote recycling awareness and education.

Consisting of seven (7) communities in Southern Montgomery County, the Montgomery County Consortium of Recycling Communities, is an intermunicipal association of municipalities that still operate their own refuse/recycling departments and collectively contracts for the management of the group's recycling transfer station, the hauling of materials, and processing & marketing of recyclable materials. 

The Northern Montgomery County Recycling Commission (NMCRC) is a group of eleven (11) municipalities in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania that work together to increase recycling and to promote recycling awareness and education.