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The Montgomery County Consortium of Communities (MCCC) is committed to strengthening municipal governance across the region by discussing and studying community challenges of mutual interest and concern, and developing policy and action recommendations for ratification and implementation by our local government members.

The MCCC realizes that our individual and common destines are with the interdependent actions of the local governments of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. As a voluntary organization of local governments, the members seek, by mutual agreement, solutions to mutual problems for mutual benefit. Our goal is to combine our total resources to meet regional challenges which may transcend the individual capabilities of our members, while retaining and strengthening local autonomy in all other governmental matters. 

Articles of Agreement

The Consortium's Articles of Agreement is the founding document of the organization. The Articles set forth, among other provisions, the purpose and main powers of the Consortium, voting rights of members, and limitations. It is similar to articles of incorporation, but more commonly used to refer to the founding document of a non-profit organization.

MCCC Articles of Agreement

The Montgomery County Consortium of Communities (MCCC) is a 501 ( c) (6) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization, created in 1981 in accordance with the Intergovernmental Cooperation Law, PA Consolidated Statutes, Title 53, Municipalities Generally, Sub-chapter A, and is comprised of 50 municipalities in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.